Backwoods Greenery is the name of our Central Florida homestead. Our goal is to help you become more self-reliant and less dependent upon the Feed Stores and Big Box garden centers. When severe drought, hurricanes, floods, or any other kind of disaster hits, you can’t always depend on stores. You have to have alternatives that can see you through an emergency. We have a philosophy of “hoping for the best” and “preparing for the worst”.

We provide cuttings of Elephant Grass (also known as Napier Grass ), a highly desirable and very valuable fodder best known in third world countries. Although it has been in the USA for a hundred years, it is not as well known today because of over-dependence upon farm equipment and readily available feed at retail outlets.

We also provide seeds of other fodder plants that your animals and pocketbook will love.

Be sure to check out our books, pamphlets and other literature. You Can Grow Elephant Grass is a short treatise on the history, cultivation and benefits of this wonderful fodder plant. A much longer treatment on the subject, in addition to other easy to grow plants is, You Can Grow Cut & Carry Fodder For Your Small Livestock.

In these uncertain times, with nations pitting themselves against each other, growing civil unrest and possible wars (both civil and global) on the horizon, it is our hope to get even the poorest among us prepared as much as possible.